True Story: Step-Mom Put me in Diapers

When I was nine I still wet the bed. Not every night, but at least every two or three. When this occurred, I would just flip my bed over and sleep on the dry side. My wet clothes were easy to hide as I was responsible for doing my own laundry.

One morning though my step-mom walked in and saw me changing out of my wet pajamas. She said that if I wet my bed again she’d get my old diapers out of storage and put me back in them. I didn’t really believe she still had diapers from so many years ago, so I didn’t worry about it that much. She checked me in the morning and saw that I had wet the bed again and immediately informed me I would be diapered before bed that night.

That night she kept her word, putting me to bed in a diaper with Barney designs on them. I woke up the next morning in a very soggy diaper, but the bed was dry which made me happy. A wet diaper meant another night in diapers, and this soon turned into a routine.

I’m nineteen now, and wet myself just about every night, but my diapers keep me and the bed dry and I couldn’t be happier!


From the E-Book, When Kids Wear Diapers